Friday, April 11, 2014

What about my pharmacist??

     By now you've probably realized there isn't anyone in my world I won't try to get on my team, but my pharmacist?!?!  Yep!!  It all started when I told my pharmacist, Jeff Naegele, from Rite Aid Pharmacy, to check out my blog and read my post about getting my flu shot.  This was where I got my shot and I thought he might get a kick out of reading it. 

     He said he's looking forward to checking it out.  Well the next time I was in I asked him if he saw the post and he admitted he hadn't gotten a chance.  Of course I gave him another one of my cards and told him he would really enjoy reading it.

     Low and behold, the next time I was in he said he finally went to my blog and checked it out.  He said he was glad I was persistent because he really liked it. Then he told me he has a friend with MS.  So we all know what happened next... Yep, I said "Hey!! Join my team!!"  And how do you turn down someone with such persistence?!?!  But some people say yes just to make me happy (or shut me up!),so I asked him to promise he would sign up and he promised he would that night.

     A couple days went by and I didn't see his name, so back in I went (remember, I don't give up on ANYTHING!)  He had a big smile and said "I know, I meant to but got busy; I promise I'll sign up tonight!".  I had to take a picture as proof and I told him to look for it on my blog, so there's no backing out.  He assured me he was serious, and he had a friend he planned on asking to join as well.

     He didn't let me down!  You can check out Team Leapfrog on the BTTB website and see his name on my team:)  Call it bullying if you want, but some people just need a friendly little nudge to take that leap of faith!! You don't think I got all these team members with my looks... ;)
Thanks Jeff!!

Have a great weekend!!


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