Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I was bound and determined!!

          Working at the bike to the bay booth at the walk MS was surely an amazing experience, and all the hype about starting to train for the ride had me  anxious to get back on the bike trail again.

     On my way home the sun beating through the car windows was so warm and though the car thermometer said a mere 47 degrees, I just knew it had to be a mistake.

     When I got home the first thing I did was fill my bike tires.  I know I said I dusted the cob webs off, but nothing about air in the tires;)

     Before long I was on my way to the bike trail.  I had just purchased gloves that were supposed to keep my hands from going numb but finger-less gloves aren't much help when its windy and cold outside, which is what I discovered the bike trail to be.

     But I didn't care, I was bound and determined to ride out side and I wasn't backing down.  However by the time I got to about 4 miles my fingers started to feel like popsicles and the wind whipping against my ears made me feel as though at any moment they were going to turn to ice and crack right off.

     And on top of that, I noticed there were still a few small snow mounds so it must be a little chilly yet.

     This was when I started thinking up the excuses in my head, as I continued to ride, and If I could come up with a really good one then I could head back home and wait for a warmer day.

     But by the time I had convinced myself that I had a good reason to quit I was already 6 miles in; now it would be silly to quit.

     By the time I was finished I actually made it to 11.5 miles and there is nothing more rewarding then to finish something you set out to do.  Ironically, by the time I had completed my ride I was actually warm:)

     So It's official!  My outdoor riding has begun (subject to optimal weather conditions. lol) and "real Spring" can't get here soon enough!!

Have a great day!!



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