Friday, April 4, 2014

We have a date for the next Bob Evans fundraiser

     Now that our first Bob Evans fundraiser was behind us it was time to get more serious and make the next one huge.  

     Jason, the General Manager from the Monroe Street Bob Evans and I got together to work out the details.  As you can see, Jason had his pink dress shirt on, and you might think it was just random but I'd like to think it was in honor of my obsession for the color pink!  Okay maybe that's a stretch...

        We decided it might be best to try to be consistent with the dates of the future fundraisers and the third Wednesday of the month seemed as good as any.  So the next day will be Wednesday, April 23rd; be sure to mark your calendars!  

     This time since we have some of the ground work done we can actually focus on publicizing the event better.  We've been talking with Joe Nugent from the local news and now we just have to coordinate a day and time for the Managers from Bob Evans and I to meet with him.  When we have a date we'll let you know:)

Have a great weekend!!




  1. Looking forward to our "take 2" and getting the right location this time! :)

  2. Nani, You'll be happy to know Glendale is on board this time:)


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