Wednesday, April 29, 2015

When the sun's not out, I make my own sunshine.

        Okay, so it hasn't been exactly sunny around here lately, and therefore I've had to take a few gloomy bike rides as a result.  But one thing I've found is, I can make my own sunshine indoors as well!

     Remember I mentioned going to a monthly MS support group meeting; well my friend Nani from the group and I get together regularly for coffee just to catch up on "life".  When we went last weekend it wasn't sunny outside but the sun was shining brightly in Starbucks.  I don't know what it is; coffee is coffee, but for some reason it tastes better at Starbucks.  

     This place is always packed, and no one seems to mind paying five or six bucks for the same coffee you can get at home for a quarter.

     The caramel, the latte', mocha... none of that matters to me, I just want mine served black with a good friend.  I used to get Starbucks with my best friend on a regular basis and it was like sunshine in a cup.  I didn't even notice what the coffee tasted like.

     Back in the summer Nani brought her best friend, Kelly, along for coffee.  Kelly lives out of town and  comes to visit to help pick up the slack when Nani's other best friend and husband, Dave, is away.

     I really loved having coffee with the two ladies, and it seemed like I had known Kelly forever; we talked for hours.  I gave Nani one of my leapfrog shirts to give to Kelly the next time she saw her and then I had forgotten all about it.

     When the two of them walked into Starbucks this past weekend my new friend Kelly was wearing my team shirt and I just laughed:)

     Once again, we talked forever and never ran out of things to say.  Of course we got out the cameras to capture some memories, then the nice lady next to us asked if we wanted her to take one of the three of us.  By now you know I have no problem asking, but it's nice when someone offers:)

          At this point I don't remember if the sun was shining outside or not, but it was shining bright where I was (great memories will do that).
        Latte' with double mocha, caramel and whipped cream; six bucks... Black coffee with a best friend... priceless:)

Have a great day!!


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