Friday, August 28, 2015

August 29th; my four year birthday!! Fair well cancer!

     I know most of my blog revolves around my MS, but today I have to talk about my second birthday.  The first one was 52 and a half years ago when I came into this world, and the second was four years ago; the day I refused to leave!

     You won't hear me mention my breast cancer a lot because I feel I've beat it; where as MS is a battle I'll continue to fight until the day they find a cure. But the two of them together tells me that there's a reason God put me, and kept me on this earth, and that is to show people that life is always worth living.

     Four years ago on August 29th, the day of my bi-lateral mastectomy surgery was the last day I planned to ever see that parasite again.  And while the many surgeries are a faint memory now, I'll never forget how kind the world was to me.  I've become a much stronger person and realize nothing can be taken for granted.  So here's to second birthdays!

Have a great weekend!!




  1. Happy, even better than the first one in many ways, birthday, Christine! {{hugs}}


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