Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fifty shades of green

          Back in the day my obsession was golf; but that was when my brain and foot were best friends.  Now that I moved on to a sport more conducive to my life I've become a stranger to the golf course.

       However, my BFF and long time golfing buddy, Kari, asked me to help her register players for a member guest golf tournament they were holding at Highland Meadows Golf Club; my old stomping ground. 
      Though I love my new hobby, I really missed all of my golfing buddies, and I was so happy she asked me.

      Biking gear has become my uniform over the last year or two, however, I was going to be at a golf course, and  I knew exactly which pink golf shirt I was going to wear.

     But the morning of the golf outing Kari texted me and told me to wear something green for their theme "fifty shades of green".  

     I looked in my closet and all I saw was pink, black, beige and white.  Seriously!?!?! not even pink with a splash of green??  Nope...

     But then I saw my leapfrog jersey and thought "hey, there's my green and with my splash of pink!" Here I thought I was actually going to get to wear my golf attire again, but I found myself at a golf course wearing a bike jersey instead.  Oh well,I tried:)

         I felt like I was home again; it was so nice and see all of my golf buddies.  The biggest thrill however, was that no one asked me my score:)  These days the only question that matters to me on a golf course is "what's for lunch??"

     Now I'm going back to find more trails:)

Have a great day!!


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