Friday, August 7, 2015

I can barely walk and chew gum; but I've mastered the art of taking pictures while riding...

          As I've told you, I had already hit every bike trail I knew of within an hour radius, but the key words were "that I knew of".  When I googled bike trails in the area there was a long list, and we had managed to ride them all.

     However, the last time we went to Maumee Bay State Park we happened to see signs outside the park that said "bike trail".  Well, last week I went with a couple of friends and they suggested we see where that trail went.  I wasn't about to fall for that "city streets disguised as a bike trail" trick again, but we decided to start at Maumee Bay and just wing it from there.

     Of course, you know that the most important part of a bike ride to me is capturing the beautiful scenery with my camera, but I had a feeling these two guys wanted to just get the ride in, so I started brain storming again... I was getting more comfortable on my bike since I changed out my stem and I was ready to try some tricks now.

     It wasn't long before I was confident enough to ride one handed while pulling my phone out of the holder, which was attached to the frame of my bike. The real trick was sliding it open and pressing the camera button, but I managed to finagle it:)

          Here I am, feeling quite confident with my skill of riding as I snapped the pictures:)  They would have never stopped for me to take this picture below of the lake at Maumee Bay, but I got it!

          We rode around the park for a while and then headed out to find this new "trail".

     The next place I planned to impliment my new balancing act was at Bay Shore Park.  Once again, we never skipped a beat.

     We then saw a sign for the Leonard-Wasserman Bike Trail, and it was time to check it out.  From the very beginning I loved what I saw.  I've never in my life seen so many beautiful wild flowers!  And of course I got it all on camera:)

          I must have taken a million pictures, and if you ever have a few spare hours I can show them to you,lol.  Next we followed the trail through the campus of Clay High School.  As you can see the others had no idea how photo crazy I was getting.

     However, I did have to come back down to earth when I approached this railroad crossing; this crazy maze was hard enough without turning it into a circus act... no worries, I stopped and took the picture and then continued on:)

     This was turning into a very nice trail, and I was actually losing track of the miles we had gone.

     But before long we found ourselves riding through Pearson park, which was an interesting twist. We had now made it to three parks; all in a single bike ride.

     We were finally on our way back to Maumee Bay, and below you'll see my absolute favorite picture I took of Lake Erie. 

I could have stopped and stared at this forever, but no time; we had a ride to finish.

        Almost 18 miles later we arrived back at Maumee Bay and I realized this bike route was one more great secret, and just because it isn't on the internet doesn't mean it isn't a trail.  This proves everything deserves a chance.

         I mentioned how I had mastered the art of getting my phone out of the case to take all of the pictures... and all while riding... well I never did master putting it back in the case... But one thing this bike ride taught me was... a sports bra has more than one purpose;)  The queen of improvise strikes again!

Have a great day!!


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