Friday, August 14, 2015

Who needs a shower... A good hosing down at a family picnic is all you need:)

     With as crazy as our lives are these days, it's darn near impossible to plan family get-togethers in the summer where everyone is able to make it.  Surprisingly enough, my mom and all five of her grown children were there... Dad was looking down from above:)

     It seems like these days good old fashioned dirt is unfathomable, but not to my little grandbaby, William, who isn't so little anymore; he was as happy as a pig in mud, digging his way to China; almost to the point where he was  unrecognizable underneath the half inch layer of dirt.  

      After rolling on the ground, the once tow head was now literally a sandy blonde:)

     Of course, you might remember, back in the day, bath night was always Saturday, and this was Sunday; putting us in a total quandary.  No worries... that's what a backyard hose is for!  We can't drag 5 pounds of dirt into the house!

     My other little grandbaby Connor, who is actually still a baby, was overwhelmed by all of the "big people", but never lacked for free transportation; Uncle Matt was among the many to kart  this little cutie around.

 Getting our entire families there was next to impossible... in fact it was impossible; but we came pretty darn close.

   The amazing thing, however, was actually seeing kids running and swimming, and without electronics attached to their hands.

     Seeing all of these kids having so much fun just proved the theory that contrary to popular belief... you really can go back to the good ol' days, and I sure do miss them:)

Have a great weekend!!


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