Monday, August 10, 2015


     You always hear about the streets of big cities where "cat calls" Like "nice legs!" are quite prevalent.  But in a smaller town, that is something I would never even imagine to happen.

     But the other day I was in the produce department at the grocery store, and out of nowhere I hear "I LIKE YOUR BRACE!"  I've heard of the produce department being a "meet market", but this was a bizarre comment.  I had to look behind me to see who could have made it.  

     It obviously came from a man who was walking 5 feet behind me.  Of course I didn't want to be rude so I replied  "thanks:)"...

     But before long it all began to make sense; He explained that he worked for the company that manufactures DONJOY braces.  So it was more of a shout out to his work than anything.

          I told him I bet he hasn't seen one with a pink frog on it before, to which he said it was very unique (my own personal touch).  

        Then he mentioned he was trying to diagnose my problem based on my gate.  No, it wasn't a knee replacement, nor a skiing accident, not even a run in with a bear.  It was boring old hyper-extension from foot drop-gone crazy.  Between the nerve zapper and the brace, I was a true bionic woman.

      He asked me how I like my brace and I told him one thing is for sure; I get a lot more questions than I did walking wobbly without it.  He pointed out that it was because people are fascinated by gadgets, and they open up the window for inquisitive by-passers looking for a great war story.  In most cases they really just want to tell their own...

         So I guess the next time I get another random question or comment, I have to remember, It's not me; it's simply my bionic gadgets they're fascinated by:)

Have a great day!!


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