Monday, August 3, 2015

The Ohio trails are nice, but it was time for the Kiwanis trail in Adrian Michigan:)

     Well I finally made it to every bike trail I know of in northwest Ohio within an hour drive, and now I had to start checking out Michigan.

     I read about the Kiwanis Trail in Adrian Michigan, so that would be my next venture.  Once again, the drive took almost as long as the bike ride it's self and though I was curious to see this trail, I was hopeful that it wasn't a wasted trip.

     When we first saw the trail I was beginning to chalk this up to a learning experience, because this trail sure didn't seem like it was worth the 45 minute drive it took to get there.

     This trail was 7 miles in length; totaling 14 if we went to the end and back.  You can see the trees were over grown and the pavement was quite weathered, but we were there, so we were riding on it.  Though not unlike fortune cookies; this ride appeared to be an observation more than a fortune.
          The cracked surface and overgrown foliage wasn't my idea of a perfect trail, but it was a different trail and  I didn't mind the change.

     However, it became a bit of a challenge when I discovered this wooden bridge, which was about fifty yards long, and slippery due to the rain falling off of the trees from the night before.

          Of course I rode about as fast as a turtle on sleeping pills, and held on for dear life so I made sure not to wipe out and go flying into the creek below.
          I was so relieved to finally make it to the other side in one piece, but it wasn't long before I discovered there were about five more of these wooden bridges throughout the trail.  

          I began to think I should have brought my ice skates...

     But just as I was ready to write this down in my book of "trails to never ride again", out of nowhere the pavement became the nicest brand new pavement I've been on in quite some time.

         Now this is what I'm talking about!  All of a sudden it felt more like a park than a primitive jungle.  It had transitioned into a whole new trail.
     And if this wasn't enough to be glad I drove here... I could hear the serine sound of the babbling brook as it trickled along side of the trail.  It was beginning to feel more like a rain forest now:)

     I guess you can't judge something without knowing the whole story...

     There are a lot of really nice bike trails right in my own back yard, but if I have to travel to  another state to find one that's amazing, then that's what I'll do; because anything worth having is worth the effort:)

 Have a great day!!


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