Monday, August 24, 2015

I found Rudolph; but it wasn't at the north pole.

      Last week I wanted to venture down to Bowling Green Ohio, and re-visit the Slippery Elm Trail.  When I was there almost a year ago I discovered how the trail must have gotten it's name.  It was in the fall when we went, and the trail was covered with acorns and leaves.  That trail was definitely a slippery mess.

     I figured if we went earlier in the summer it would be a bit more "rider friendly".  This trail also goes through a little town called "Rudolph", and it's to my understanding people travel from many miles away at Christmas time to mail their cards at the Rudolph post office; that way the post mark would say Rudolph.  (funny, I thought Rudolph was at the North Pole...) 

     The day we went was warm, and in case we weren't able to feel it, there were windsocks randomly placed throughout the trail to tell us there was absolutely no breeze that day.

     My "victim" for this ride happened to be my riding buddy, Gary, and you'll notice by his prominent lead, he wasn't phased by my photo snapping obsession (then again, he was probably oblivious...).

     You can see there were parts of this ancient trail that were literally glued together with tar, which made for a somewhat bumpy ride. 
     I don't remember seeing any flowers last year, but this year they were everywhere.  All though, I was certain I wouldn't find my absolute favorite, which are pink carnations.  I guess I have to look a little harder to find those:)

     These fascinating brick red flowers were quite unique, and all throughout the trail.

     As we passed this soybean field I noticed it was trimmed with beautiful purple Petunias, which seemed odd that they were out in the middle of nowhere; my guess is they must have been put there to deter the pests from the crops; that or someone really loves purple...

          I don't think these yellow flowers are daisies but what ever they are, they were also everywhere.
     This ride also came with it's share of cornfields, but I really don't think Gary noticed them... After all, this was a bike ride, not a sight seeing expedition... However, my main purpose for riding is to see the world:)
      I talk about wanting to find new trails to take, but I've discovered that an old trail can be a new experience each time I ride it.  This time I learned that Slippery Elm is better to ride on in mid to late summer, while the flowers are in full bloom; before the trees start to shed their coats for winter.


        More than anything, this trail exemplifies my motto... I'll try anything once, and many things twice; because the first time I might have been sleeping:)

Have a great day!!



  1. I've sent my Christmas cards and a few gifts from Rudolph before! I even have a sweatshirt. They serve coffee and Christmas cookies at the little post office during the holidays.

    With the petunias, I wonder if some flowers that are annuals become perennials if they are left to their own devices and become wildflowers. They sure are unexpected and pretty where they are.


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