Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Denim and diamonds


  Mark Wuertz, Board chairman, National MS Society,Northwestern Ohio Chapter

  The Denim and Diamonds charity/fundraiser event put on by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is one that is right up my alley.  My days of wearing that little black dress and stilettos are long gone.  It's like a circus clown on stilts;  entertaining to watch but the outcome could be disastrous.

     Now denim I can do!  Anyone who knows me will agree that I am totally obsessed with pink, so accented with pink diamonds would be perfect!  I have hundreds of carats of genuine fake diamonds, and then of course I would have to pull out the pink pearls and we know those are "real"(or are they?). I'm just curious where they come from; all I can picture are these tiny little oysters swimming around in pink tutus... okay maybe that's a stretch.

      Real or faux, to each his own, at the end of the day the only thing that really mattered was seeing all of the amazing people in this community who came out in support of this great cause.

Have a great day!


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