Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So many gadgets


     Now that I have my bike in good working order it's time to focus on all of the gadgets needed to make this ride complete. The first must have item would be a helmet, which is something I should have had way back when. I guess I wasn't using the one thing I'm now trying to protect. That was my initial purchase, safety first!

      Then I would also need a saddle bag to carry all of my stuff (pink of course!), but sadly the pink bag I ordered on line as you see below was way too small. I could barely fit a pack of gum in it. There was no way I could chew gum and ride a bike at the same time, so that would be going back. I really need something to hold my nerve zapper on the ride because it's cumbersome to wear while I'm peddling but  get me off my bike and the "turbo leg" takes over.

    Another thing I thought of is a cell phone holder for emergency phone calls (and maybe a picture or two...).  A good working odometer is extremely important to gauge the distance, and don't forget the very important water bottle holder, lucky for me I already had one!

      A spare inner tube is something I also never imagined I would need, until I got a flat after my first ride on the street. My guardian angel must have been looking out for me because it wasn't discovered until I was taking my bike out of my car. Maybe I should learn how to fix a flat... Note to self...

     I'm sure other things will come up down the road but at least this gets me moving in the right direction.  In the mean time I'll just keep riding...

Have a great day!

Christine ☺

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