Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Working smarter, not harder

   If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's to do the things you're capable of, and rely on the kindness of others to help you with the things that are beyond your reach.  Of course, I always try to help others in need when possible, and the "pay it forward" method seems to be a great way to live.

     The day I planned to take my bike in for a tune up my son Matt happened to be around.  I've tried loading my bike in the hatch of my car before and it put up quite a fight.  This time I decided to ask my son for help.  When I got to the shop a kind man also helped me unload it.  This system really seemed to be working.

     A few days later my bike was ready so I headed back to the shop.  As Terry from The Bike Route was wheeling my bike out to my car I asked him "Out of curiosity, is there a  secret to loading a bike without a struggle?"  He told me the best way was to load the back tire in first and the rest would follow, this way unloading it would be a breeze  (Who knew!) Of course once more I was fortunate to have it loaded in for me again.

     When I got home I thought to myself, I could continue to rely on the kindness of others but there will come a day when I'll be on my own and be forced to do it myself.  I may as well give his trick a try.   I grabbed the handlebars and low and behold, I pulled that baby out and I never even broke a sweat!  The next time it needed to be transported I loaded it in myself as well.

     I'll still continue to rely on the kindness of others when I have to and help them out when I can, but that day I learned a good lesson, and that is how to work smarter, not harder.

Have a great day!

Christine ☺ 

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