Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My "best" just got "better"


   One thing I have never been known to be is a quitter.  It doesn't matter what curve balls life throws me I always manage to find a way to adjust and find a new "normal".  MS threw a curve ball and it wasn't long before I figured out how to juggle my life so the challenges became just a way of life.

     Sure, back in the day I ran and roller bladed and walked for miles on end.  Now my footdrop only makes me work harder to keep active with what I have.  I won't lie, I sometimes feel like crawling after only a mile of walking but that's why I force myself to do almost two miles everyday on the treadmill  and then I throw in a dose of strength training just for good measure.  This became my new "normal", day by day I had a strategy.  I wasn't about to give up on my body or my life.

     However, sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zone before we're forced to see that our "best" could be "better".  I had a valid excuse for not running a marathon but what was my excuse for not riding my bike?  No toes needed for that...

     It took a nudge to get me convinced but it wasn't long before I discovered I was capable of riding in the Bike-To-The-Bay.  To think I could have gone through the rest of my life convincing myself and others that my "best" was good enough.  Everything happens for a reason and thanks to that vote of confidence my "best" just got better!

Have a great day!


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