Friday, October 11, 2013

Finding a balance


     With summer still here and winter around the corner it made sense to try to get a mix of indoor and outdoor riding in, making sure I was prepared for the ride next spring. Of course my first concern was balance. On a stationary bike that wasn't a problem, but put me on two wheels on the road for a long distance and who knows will happen, I could end up kissing the pavement. If I could just get that figured out then next I would need to have a balance between the stationary bike for endurance and my outdoor bike for the true riding experience. 

    If I could ride two or three days inside and a day or two outdoors each week then I could transition my training as the snow would begin to fly.

     My strength training and treadmill walks would still continue and by next spring I will have given my body every fighting chance, and that's when I will pull out my soap box to plea for as many others to help me on this journey!  I know WE can do this!!

Have a great weekend!

Christine ☺

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