Monday, October 28, 2013

No more excuses

     After my last ride on the bike trail with my "tractor" tires I really started second guessing my decision to ride those thirty five miles. It seemed like it took two days to go just ten miles. However, when I got my "road" tires I crossed my fingers and hoped my mind would soon change.

     What I needed more than anything was to prove to myself that I could make it to fifteen miles and regain my confidence again. I asked my Son Matt to humor me and keep me company on the ride. That's probably the last thing a 23 year old wants to do is go on a bike ride with his mom, but to my surprise he said he would.

    Of course I kind of mentioned I just wanted to try my new tires out and it may only be five miles or so. That "or so" could really mean anything, in my case it was fifteen:) Our journey took us on a hilly trail, back along a rock quarry, and just our luck, it happened to be a windy day again.

    The one thing I learned was, by powering through a few times with the dreaded "monster truck" tires, it made the new ones feel like I was hang gliding in the clouds. When we hit the five mile mark I confessed to Matt that I was really hoping to make it ten miles "or so", (there's that "or so" again, sneaky!) But it got even funnier (for me) when we hit that ten mile mark and I said guess what... But he was a trooper, I think he was just going along with it because he wanted to see how long it would take until I keeled over and admitted defeat.

     My will power however, was stronger than he believed,  because we finally made it to my actual goal of fifteen miles...  Oh, and one more humorous tidbit... we still had two and a half miles to go before we were home:) I'll bet he was aching the next day, and I won't lie, my crazy leg was begging to quit about seven miles back, though my bossy leg wouldn't have it, but did you really think Matt was going to let his old mom show him up?!?!

And of course, I'm not using a calculator but if my math is right, seventeen and a half miles is... Yes! Half way there! We've got this!! 

Have a great day!

Christine ☺

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