Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking it to the streets


      As time went on I realized I could ride longer and longer. I was soon up to ten miles, however I was still indoors in a climate controlled environment.  And it was still on a stationary bike.  Now I needed to see what would happen when I took it to the streets, humidity and all.

      My bike was finally back from The Bike Route and first thing the next morning I headed to the trail.  I didn't want to be stranded far from home so I decided to ride the same one mile trek back and forth for an hour and ten minutes which was some where close to fifteen miles I'm guessing!  Now when I was finished my  body felt like lead and there was no way I was ready to run a marathon, then again I haven't ran one before my ride, so I wasn't missing anything...

     Riding that long distance outside gave me all the confidence I needed to truly  believe I had this.   It was by no means thirty five miles, but that slight fear in me was suddenly gone.  I could only get stronger so bring it on!

Have a great day!

Christine ☺

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