Monday, October 7, 2013

Testing the waters

     Now that I made the announcement that I would ride in the Bike-to-the-Bay I figured I better see if I actually stood a chance. My bike was in the shop but I was anxious to test the waters. For all I knew 35 miles could be a breeze, on the other hand 35 miles might feel like a million. Maybe seeing what just five feels like first would be a good place to start.  I walk on a tread mill and strength train but riding a bike is totally different.

   The company I work for, DMC Technology Group, has a workout room which comes equipped with a stationary bike. If I was able to train on that first then I could at least test my strength before heading out on the road.

   I set the timer, and low and behold, I actually made it to 8 miles! And my heart was still ticking. My poor leg (the crazy one) was another story. When I walked It felt like rubber. Maybe I need to start using a bike as my form of transportation and leave the walking to the rest of the world.


 With several months to go, I know I’ll figure out how to make it over the finish line. I have faith that it can be done! 

Have a great day!

Christine ☺

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