Friday, October 18, 2013

Everyone knows someone

Kurt and Kari Schell

     The Bike-to-the-Bay is one event that seems to draw a lot of attention, but it's also great to see all of the support from the community in many other ways.  Peggy and Denny Spencer co-chaired a golf outing at Highland Meadows Golf Club as one more way to fund raise as well as raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. They even got me to wear orange for the day!

     The turnout was amazing, with over 90 golfers all in support of this great cause; it seemed like everyone knew someone who's life has been touched by MS.

      Carla Brady from the local chapter of the national MS Society was a guest speaker at the event educating the crowd on what exactly MS is and how it effects over 3,500 people in this community alone.  Peggy Spencer has also been living with MS for over ten years as well.

Peggy and Denny Spencer

     This event raised almost 3200 dollars which was donated to the "Denim and Diamonds" Fundraiser put on by the local National MS Society.  Little by little we'll win this battle!!

Have a great weekend!


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