Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If only the flu "flew the coop"


  Having MS is challenging enough on it's own so I make it a yearly ritual to get a flu shot.  I would rather be proactive  than reactive when it comes to my health.  

     With a compromised immune system already, I could probably get the flu just by thinking about it.  Have you ever been around someone who tells you they have the flu and immediately you start getting this sick feeling in your stomach?  There is nothing worse.

     After I get a flu shot I feel like I've been given a magic bullet and all of a sudden I'm invincible.   Then when someone comes up to me and says they don't feel well I can confidently reply "looks like someone needs a hug..."

     It was getting that time of the year and I knew I needed to get my shot before it was too late.  Ironically, as I was driving down the street I saw this huge sign that read "GET YOUR FLU SHOT TODAY!"  I couldn't believe it!  Someone actually put up a sign just for me!!  Now I knew I had to do it.

     When I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist asked if he could help me (that was a loaded question).  I replied "I would like to get a flu shot..." that's not true, I wouldn't like a shot, "let me rephrase that... I need a flu shot", again there was no one holding a gun to my head forcing me to get one...  The Pharmacist jumped in, "so your here for a shot:)" "yes!"

     He handed me a form to fill out that had about 200 questions on both sides.  I was getting ready to pull out my passport and offer up my first born child.

     One of the questions had me perplexed.  It read "medical conditions"; followed by a line about one inch long.  I called the pharmacist over... "Here's a question for you..., this says medical conditions... is this a YES/NO question because I could write a book!"  "No"  he replied, "they just want a brief history".  So on that one inch line I squeezed in the words MS/breast cancer.  I'll leave the book for another day.

     The next comical question... "any previous reactions to injections?"  The first 1500 over the past eleven years never caused any problems but this next one just might put me over the top:)  As it is, right now I'm a walking pin cushion. I feel like I should carry a disclaimer "caution,  If you see me drinking water please step back to avoid sprinkler".

     After all the red tape, I was finally able to get my shot and soon I was ready to face the world; the only disappointing thing to this whole ordeal was when I looked down and noticed no cartoon characters on my bandage... I guess there comes a time in my life where I just need to be a big girl once and for all:)

* We finally have dates! Check out the BIke-To-The-Bay page:)

Happy Thanksgiving!



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