Monday, November 18, 2013

My birthday!! 51 years and counting:)


  YAY!! Today is my 51st Birthday and I'm proud to say it:)  A lot of people like to forget about their birthdays as they get older, let alone announce to the world their age.  Last year when I turned fifty I was thrilled to make it a half of a century in one piece and was looking forward to the second half. November 18th makes me a Scorpio and according to the zodiac scorpios don't give up; I most definitely hold true to the sign.

     As the years go on, I thank God for every day and all the amazing people I've met along the way.  Sure when I was twenty I had less body aches and a lot more energy, and there were no signs of cancer or MS, but I'll take all the aches in the world for the great life experiences and friends I've made over the years.

     I was driving my car a while back and there was a song on the radio talking about wishing you were young again.  My 18 year old Daughter Lindsay said " do old ladies really ever wish they were twelve again?"  I said "not for one second..."  Then I processed the question again... "wait..."  I said, "are you calling me old?"  She replied "Well you are 50, what would you call it?"  Seasoned is the word I would use.  

   When it comes down to it, age is just a number, your life is what you make of it and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come:)

One more thing... Since it is my birthday, I figure this is my one chance to make a wish... So if you want to help my wish come true please pass this link on to just one person or as many people as you know, even share it on facebook:)  If nothing else, then just today!!  Please help me make a difference!! :)

Have a great day!!



  1. Seasoned, I like that! Having known you for 16 years I would suggest "aged to perfection"!

  2. Happy 25th Birthday I hope this day is special for you.



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