Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trading a motor for peddles


   What "biking" means to one person may not mean the same to another.   When I think of biking I know I'm giving my legs a real workout.

     My brother Doug thinks of "biking" in a whole different light.  The only workout his legs are getting is to start his motorcycle engine.  Not in a million years would I expect him to get on a bicycle again, but you know me, I just keep talking.

     I was super excited about riding in the Bike-To-The-Bay and I had to tell my brother and his family all about it.  His wife Billie said "Doug, let's ride in it!"  To which Doug replied "let's talk about it".  What a nice gesture, but I knew it was just that, "a gesture", or was it??

     A couple of weeks later I was talking with Doug and Billie again, Doug said " guess what... We're riding!"  I smiled in disbelief.  He said "I'm serious!"  He was talking to a friend who rode in this event the past, after a few questions Doug was in. His friend said maybe he'll ride again too. So Doug started doing research to see what kind of bike he needs to do the ride, joined a gym and  now he's on his way.

Of course I had to meet him halfway too:)

     I may not be able to solve world peace but I may get a few people back on their bikes.  It's a safe bet that Doug has no intention of scrapping his motorcycle, but I do believe next spring he'll be trading his motor in for peddles.

Have a great day!


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