Monday, November 11, 2013

Why am I here?

     Today I have a confession to make, and that is that I never really wanted to ride in the bike to the bay, nor did I ever see myself as a "blogger".  It was so much easier standing on the sidelines and being a "poster child" for why others ride. I'll be honest, the thought of actually riding scared me to death.  Then once I was talked into it I thought that was my way of doing my part. 

     Soon I admitted that I would try to ride my bike inside or outdoors 3 or 4 days a week to gain strength, on top of my other daily workout and I need to hold true to my word, so there's no backing out, which is also scary because I'm not a quitter.

     Before long I was also roped into starting a committee of others to help me on this mission of making next years Bike-To-The-Bay huge.  I never imagined having a website and blogging as well.  Sure I love to write stories, and my dream has been to publish a book someday, but with the millions of books out already, what would make a book from someone like me stand out from others?? Of course where there's a will, there's a way!

     When I started my blog I was way outside of my comfort zone, I had no idea how to do it or if what I had to say would interest anyone, let alone everyone. What if I ran out of things to write about?  Some people may say I don't know what they're going through, and I probably I don't, and some may be looking for me to give them a plethora of valuable information to live by.  All I have is what's on my mind, interesting or not... and with any luck I may be able to convince others to help me with my quest while I'm at it:)

     I began to wonder just how I would write things relatable to the whole world.  But then I started to realize that if just one person was interested in what I have to say then my job is done.  

      The pictures... I know if I see a story with just words I tend to skim over it, but if I see a picture then I feel like I can relate with the person telling the story.  By no means do I claim to be a super model, but if what they say is true, smiles are contagious, then if I can put a smile on just one face then it's worth it.

     So now that I've come clean I can continue to do what I love, and that's write, and hope more days than not I'll find others that can relate to me or at least get them thinking... Oh, and I'll still keep riding!

have a great day!


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