Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The outdoor riding season has come to an end


      Well it's finally time to put my bike into hibernation for the winter.  Where did the summer go?  Remember the bike trail I was riding on just a couple of weeks ago??  Look at it now! Snow?!?!  Seriously!?!?  And we're not even half way through November!  Not quite enough for a snowman but I was freezing my behind off taking these photos, then again the wind didn't help:)

    Of course now that means I have to try harder than ever to keep up my riding indoors so I don't have to start all over come spring.

     To think there was a day that I couldn't ride a stationary bike five minutes without getting bored out of my mind.  Now I find myself using it like a drug.  The natural high is amazing!

     So I've committed (with witnesses)  to riding after work three afternoons a week and I'll admit I usually dread getting started, but about twenty minutes in when I feel that first bead of perspiration roll down my face I remember why I'm there.

     Once again it's the mind games that keep me going; if I have to imagine myself riding across country then that's what I'll do.  As long as I keep focused I can do anything!

Have a great day!



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