Friday, November 29, 2013

It's just too cold; I'll ride to warm weather!

     With cold weather here it's time to have a plan to make it through til spring;  it's just too cold so I'll ride to warm weather!  Of course we know I tucked my road bike in for the season but that doesn't mean I can't take a "road trip".

     When I rode outside over the summer it was so nice looking at all of the scenery and wild life, but as I've transitioned to riding indoors I don't have that luxury anymore.  I'm forced to stare at the same four  walls day after day.  We know playing mind games with myself is how I operate so I needed to come up with a strategy to make it through the winter.

     I decided I would take a road trip!  Up north is way too cold, but a road trip down south would be perfect:)  So on my bike I went.  I estimated the miles I go in an average week and if you add the bike and treadmill, I'm clocking in at about 50 miles a week or 200 a month.  The hard part of getting started is behind me and now I'm well on my way;  I'll just keep riding and by spring I will have taken the most amazing road trip  "imaginable".  With my calculations I will have racked up about 1300 miles  by the time The-Bike-To-The-Bay gets here, which is a whole a lot of riding for sure; but I've got all winter:)

Come along for the ride:)

Have a great weekend!


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