Friday, November 22, 2013

How will they find me?

     So now that I had this website created I had to figure out how to get people to remember me.  Sure, when I walk up to someone and tell them all about it, the thing they remember most is how much I can talk, but ask them the name of my website and they probably couldn't tell you.

     However, if I had cards made up, then after I leave and all they remember is how much I can talk, they'll look at the card and say oh... that's what she said:)

     Pretty cool card huh?!?!  I know you probably can't read the web address from the picture above, but if you're reading this post then you're already here... Look up!! :)

     Now I just need to see how many of these cards I can pass out so people can find me!  How else am I going to get people to join or sponsor my team;)  I've got some time, wish me luck and spread the word!!

Okay... So here's a close up:)

Have a great weekend!


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