Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing team leapfrog


     If I plan to have a team then we certainly need shirts.  I had a few made up just to start promoting my team and attempt to recruit members.   So here it is; this is my team photo. Yes, I said I have many people committing to ride on my team but after they see my shirts they may think again:)

     You and I know these shirts are just too cute, I mean pink... and then frogs... what's not to love?!  However, some guys may need a little persuasion to warm up to the idea.  Okay pink may be stepping outside the box, but the frogs are green so it all balances out:)  I have faith!

     Now my next step over the months ahead is to try to get as many people as I can on board with me.  If I show this shirt around enough then maybe the cute frogs will grow on people, and before long they'll feel like they're part of the family. 

     My goal is to try to have more frogs leaping over the finish line than imaginable so we can prove that this is all about taking that leap of faith.

     Please start thinking about it; if you're on the fence, jump over to my side:) I just know the up coming 25th celebration will be HUGE!  Help me kick MS's butt! We're so close already and I know I won't quit until it's over!

Have a great day!



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