Monday, November 25, 2013

My team just keeps growing

     My team in the beginning consisted of only me (of course that crazy fool that though I should ride  better be riding too!)  At first I thought it would be like pulling teeth to get my team together.  As I started talking about it, more and more people came forward, and I was in total shock by the takers I would least expect to commit.  

     All of my friends from DMC have sure gotten an ear full about my quest, and I knew I might be able to rope one or two of them into my web.  Maryann was the first one to commit to the challenge, Jean was soon to follow.  Before long Karen was totally inspired and knew she needed to take the leap as well.

     I had a few of my "team leap frog" shirts made up and  and thought who better to test them out then some of the awesome ladies at DMC.  If they work for them then I'm sure they'll work for the many, many others down the road.  I mean, pink is a no brainer right?! If I do happen to find one or two guys that are too manly to put on a pink shirt I'm sure I can throw in a white one or two, but I'm betting I can convince them all:)

     My brother Doug (remember the motorcycle??)  He said he has no problem with pink!  But if he's gonna make a statement he wants to go big.

     His plan is to loose the sleeves and sport a green Mohawk.   I know defacing the flag is illegal, but my team shirt??  I guess I should be thankful he wants to ride; I say "you go!!" 

Have a great day!


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