Monday, January 20, 2014

A good mood might be contagious, but some people just aren't ready


  Most people don't really like Mondays but  I usually love running errands that day, because the random conversation I strike up with total strangers always puts me in a good mood.

     However one stop I have to make isn't always my favorite and that's the post office.  I've been going to the same post office for many years and the same postal worker has been there a million years himself.

     This guy really needs a vacation in the worst way because no amount of idle chit chat will make him smile.  I've tried to shower him with kindness but the stone cold look on his face tells me he isn't in the mood.

     Dropping off a simple package makes me feel like I'm going to be subject to a strip search.  You better answer his questions seriously and by no means make any sudden moves or you could end up being escorted out in shackles. 

     As I was walking in the door there was a young man coming out pushing a cart filled with packages.  I'm guessing he was a Currier (that, or very popular).  Of course as any decent person would do, I opened the door for him then proceeded to the line.

     When I was standing in line I saw "Mr. Cranky Pants" up at the counter and started doing the math.  Two workers and how many customers in front of me... Just my luck I drew the wild card and ended up with...  you guessed it!

     I walked up to the counter with my package and gave him my usual smile.  He very sternly said "if it's ready to go, leave it ".  I attempted to show him I had everything correct, and with an escalated voice he repeated "LEAVE IT!". You don't have to tell me twice... Oh, I guess he did...

     So I put it down  and headed for the door.  I noticed the same young man was coming back in with another cart full of packages, I hustled out the double doors and said "here let me hold the door".  Then I said "wait let me get the other one too".

     The young man replied "wow, no one has ever done that for me!"  I chuckled because I'm sure he was exaggerating.   He said "I'm serious, never!"  I'm guessing it was the second door that blew his mind.  I smiled and said "have a good day!" 

     So I did help put some one in a good mood that day but I guess "Mr. Cranky pants" just wasn't ready.

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  1. OMG, Chris; there was a worker like that in the post office I always went to when I lived in Michigan! Maybe he wasn’t as bad as Mr. Cranky Pants, but I haven’t been there in 7 years, so maybe the memory has softened with time. I always thought if I made him a plate of cookies (He’d probably inform me he was diabetic) or got him a fancy coffee (He probably’d prefer tea) that I could brighten his day for once because my smile and happy words sure weren’t cutting it. But there really is always someone (or two or three) who will smile back and make up for the Mr Cranky Pantses in this world. But it’s hard to resist trying to get that elusive smile to us generally happy people, isn’t it?

  2. Just give me time Nani, I'll crack him yet:)


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