Monday, January 6, 2014

It's just snow!!

      Remember way back in the fall when the thought of snow for Christmas seemed like fun?!  Well now that it's January, maybe not so much...  A couple of weeks ago when it was Christmas time, many people thought snow would be a nice touch for the holiday season.  But what we ended up with was 20 degrees and grass.

     Any of you not used to 20 degrees would probably think that was freezing, but that was balmy compared to now.  We're currently looking at arctic temperatures well below zero, with the wind chill hitting all time record lows, and huge piles of snow!  Not so fun anymore:(

    My bike trail now!  sure, it looks pretty if you're inside:)

     A couple of days ago when the snow first started to fall I got a true taste for just how brutal it can be.  

     My day was like any other and I planned to ride my 13 miles on the stationary bike after I finished work, so planning ahead I packed my usual in door bike gear,  which was perfect for indoor riding.

     When I was finished with my ride I had certainly worked up a sweat.  That was okay because I had a jacket and the fresh air going to my car would surely be invigorating.  Besides,  I could walk on the freshly shoveled sidewalk. Once I was home all I had to do was pull into my driveway, then into my garage and soon I would be nice and cozy in my warm house.  What a plan, huh!?!?

     If it was only that simple... When I was driving down my street I noticed the snow plows did a great job of clearing it.  Of course it wasn't long before I discovered what they did with all of the snow... it was piled in my driveway!

     There was a mound of snow at the end over 2 feet deep and half way up my driveway.  That's okay, I could just speed up and plow right through it:)  One little detail I didn't think about... my car was front wheel drive.  As the front wheels kept spinning and spinning the back wheels just sat there.

     I started to panic because my legs were bare and I only had sneakers on my feet. Oh and I forgot to mention, at this point it was zero degrees out side and I had decided gloves were a waste of time... That meant my only option was to trudge through a mound of mile high snow and go for help.  

     I was sure lucky my son was around or my car may have been hanging out in the street until spring (or at least for a very long time...).  Of course my skin sure paid a price for my poor planning.

     The next time I venture out in the snow I think I had better plan for a blizzard, because  the best laid plans don't always pan out.

Have a great day!!


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