Friday, January 10, 2014

My team is so much more than just riders

     When I started building my team for the bike to the bay I knew I wanted it to be epic, not only by the number of riders but the total impact made by all of those helping in other ways as well.

     The riders are only a part of this puzzle; there are many others who have already and will continue to help team leap frog make a huge impact this year.

     Of course you remember Michael Jackson, who insisted on getting my "rode tires" giving me more incentive to follow through on this ride, And then there's Robert Hannon, the ace of bicycle logistics and knowledge of riding in general. I know I'll be counting on his expertise. 

    Robert rode 150 miles last year and due to his MS taking it's toll on the ride, this year he plans to put his talents to better use and help make the ride safer for all the rest of the riders.  He also plans to hold a fundraiser at "The Black Kite Coffee shop" in the spring and I'm sure Michael will be his right hand man!  I know I plan to be there:)

     Karen Evans is also a very important member of team leap frog; her great knowledge in the creation of "Leapfrog4MS" has been a wonderful tool and as we get closer to the ride I plan to link it to other websites and promote my team like crazy.

     Of course Alison Wait created the cute little frogs, and what would my team be with out them:)

     As you probably know, this ride is by no means a race, but a funnel to give others a chance to help all of those affected by MS.  That being said, the whole purpose of the teams is to raise as much money and awareness as possible so we can conquer this disease once and for all.

     Take a look again at "Team Leapfrog", under "riders" you will also see a list of "team supporters" which like the riders, keeps continuing to grow.  If you're not riding then please join us anyway, and help us make this year huge!!  We're counting on you:)

Have a great weekend!!



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