Friday, January 31, 2014

What does MS look like?


     The other day I was In a meeting and It somehow came up that I have MS.  The gentleman across the desk looked at me and said "I would have never in a million years guessed you have MS!", to which I replied "Didn't you notice my Quasi Moto limp??"  He then said "Yes, I noticed you were limping, but you just don't look like someone who has MS".

     I'm not sure exactly what MS looks like, and though many of the symptoms of MS are invisible, I really thought my limp was a dead give away.  Maybe he was under the assumption I was injured while snow skiing.  I could try to use the Ninja fight story, but we already decided I could never pass for a Ninja:)

     However, with MS being so unpredictable and every day being a mystery, I figured I may as well at least have fun on this roller coaster ride.  I decided why not keep all of the "Curious Georges" guessing as well:)

     In any given moment when walking towards a puzzled "on looker" I have one of two choices... I can either put a grimacing look on my face and give them the chance to dream up a plethora of horrific scenarios, or I can give them a goofy smile from ear to ear and really blow their minds; because if I was injured I most certainly would not be smiling:)  Either way, as soon as there's eye contact it's almost certain to result in a lengthy conversation...(and maybe a new BFF as well)

     MS comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes, it's like snow flakes: no two are alike. Who knows, I may not fit the "typical" mold, If there even is such a thing, but for me... along with my "turbo leg"...  this is what MS looks like:)

Have a great weekend!!


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