Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When working smarter not harder, the key word is "smarter".


  Okay, I know I usually blog about my journey preparing for the Bike-To-The-Bay, but I just wanted to share something super cool that I learned after doing something really stupid.

     So I always try to work smarter not harder, and saving  unnecessary steps seems like a really smart move.   A couple of days ago I discovered maybe a few extra steps is actually the smarter choice in hind sight.

     After my morning workout and shower, I made some oatmeal and poured a cup of coffee, then planned to sit down and watch the news.  I noticed the garbage needed emptying, so I did that first.

     With the waste basket in one hand I thought I could grab my thermal mug of coffee with the other, then to save a trip I would put my mug of oatmeal in the crease of my elbow (AKA the antecubital, ha! I looked that up! And you thought I was smart).

     I was a regular Houdini!   However,  when I got to my destination I leaned over to set the basket down and I dumped the scalding coffee all over my wrist.  It felt like my arm was in a broiler oven and the pain was excruciating.

     After a few choice words, my first thought was: this is going to be a royal pain all day long, between the icing it until it freezes my skin off, then the feeling of being on fire without the ice... You know the routine...  I really didn't have time for this!  I had places to go; people to see.

     Then I thought maybe ibuprofen would kill the pain; it works for headaches... As I opened the medicine cabinet I noticed some muscle rub/cream; you know, like the infamous Ben gay.... (only this one smelled like wintergreen instead of a locker room)  I remembered an idle conversation I had with someone a while back wondering how muscle cream being that it was only topical could heal your muscles.

     What I learned was the cream doesn't heal the muscles, it simply numbs the nerves that cause the pain.  Hmm... maybe, just maybe, it will make this pain go away as well!

     I put the cream on my wrist and instantly the pain had miraculously disappeared (maybe I am Houdini!).  So I may have been foolish in trying to save a few steps, but I'm gonna reach my hand over my shoulder and pat myself on the back for my ingenious discovery! 

     Hey any of you With MS like me, maybe this would work with MS nerve pain as well!!  It's worth a try:)  but remember, I'm not a doctor:)

Have a great day!!


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