Friday, January 24, 2014

Proof! See, I do have a brain!!

     At my last Neurologist appointment my doctor  gave me a script to have an MRI done on my brain.  I guess he just had to have proof I actually have one!

     I knew it was a waste of time, but who knows, the jury has been out for awhile and maybe he just needed to confirm it.  They might even discover a few loose screws while they're at it (that would explain a lot!).

     I've had many MRIs in the past but It was time for a follow up again. What they're actually trying to do is compare the current brain lesions with those from the past to gauge any signs of progression.  Next they repeat the entire procedure on my spine.  The whole process takes almost two hours, stopping halfway through to pump my veins full of dye (unlike superman and his kryptonite).

     Many people have a hard time being rolled into this narrow white cylinder, then subsequently be forced to listen to what sounds like a jack hammer drilling non stop for the duration; it could certainly bring out the claustrophobia in most.  They do give you a headset with music to attempt to distract you from the noise, but the "jack hammer" always trumps the music.

     However, my creative little mind has a strategy to get me through this whole ordeal.  I just ask them to turn on my favorite classic rock station and  imagine I'm lying on a white sandy beach (with some cute guy jack hammering next to me!) and I don't even have to worry about a sun burn. I'm not a Neurologist or a Radiologist so as far as my MS goes, I'm not certain as to what exactly these images conclude, but at least I finally have proof, I knew it, I actually do have a brain!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. I have annual MRI fun too to make sure I still have a brain. I always do and the doc says it's the same brain but I'd love for it to be a different brain with no lesions, but I'll take any good I can get!

    I'm usually in a clearing in the woods with bright sunshine and pretend the pile driver is someone building a really fortified log cabin. :)


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