Friday, June 27, 2014

A team photo with 44 riders seems simple right?!?!

     With having 44 riders you had to know there was no way we would all get together for a group picture because we were starting at different times and places, then we were also ending at different times and places.

     This is a picture of a few of us who managed to congregate before some of the early riders took off. as you can see Pat and Elaine Sheehan were all set to go on their tandem bike and on the far left was the last straggler rider, Steve Rafac, who signed up just hours before the ride, and I was in total shock to see him wear my pink leapfrog shirt for his 75 mile ride.

     I really didn't think I was going to catch any of the early riders before they took off because I was at the mercy of my brother, brother-in-law and nephew who were picking me up along with my bike and I was now on their watch.

     If I was driving myself I would be 20 minutes early and I tend to get antsy when I think I'm going to be late, because I would much rather explain why I'm early then explain why I'm late.

     When they pulled up I was relieved to see we had exactly enough time to be punctual.  Panic set in when I got into the back seat and I looked over and there was my nephew on the far left and in between us was this little 5 pound  puffy black dog.

     I know they have never rode in the bike to the bay before but surely they knew dogs weren't allowed.  I asked my brother-in -law what's up with the pup... he said "he's going with us"  I asked again with an irritated laugh "why do we have a dog with us??"  Thinking he was funny, he said "you mentioned possibly needing to be pulled in at the end, well see the big yellow rope... she's going to be your dog sled".  It's funny how timing is everything when it comes to jokes. 

    When I finally got the truth out of him I realized that we were dropping her off with some relatives a couple miles away from where the ride started.  Knowing the true story didn't get us there any faster and when we did get there we weren't the only ones who were late.  We can only try so hard but if we seriously thought we were going to get a team picture with 44 people we were surely dreaming.

   Here are a few more; you can tape them together if you want,lol.

     Watch for more team photos to follow.

Have a great weekend!!


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