Monday, June 9, 2014

The countdown continues... day five with Fred LeFevbre

     The Bike To The Bay seemed so far away when I started training last summer, and now we're talking less than two weeks.  I'm going to take every opportunity to get people on board to help me on my mission to Make the 25th year huge.  Fred has been keeping me on track for the past month  and Knowing he'll ask me every Friday on his radio show gives me the incentive to get out and ride when I could really think of a million excuses why not.

     Though I have a million excuses in my head why not to  ride, I have simply one reason to ride, and that is to wipe out MS; I don't think I need another one.

     This week he also had a rider, Dr. Tom Cable on the show,  who is riding in his 25th Bike To The Bay.  It was quite impressive to say the least, and what started out as a ride for his enjoyment turned into one of passion for the cause.

     Seeing his drive gives me even more incentive to jump on board and help make it monumental.  Without people like Tom, I probably wouldn't have the ability to ride today because when he first started 25 years ago there was little hope for anything but rapid decline.  Today we have eleven treatments to slow down progression and Today I can Ride!

Have a great day!!



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