Monday, June 2, 2014

The fourth time on Fred's talk show and he hasn't kicked me off yet!

     With the bike to the bay gaining on us I really need to do everything to raise money, and for the last four weeks  one way to raise awareness is to join Fred LeFevbre on his talk show.

     This week he also had a fellow BTTB rider, Eric Duling who has ridden all 24 years and this will be his 25th.

     I'll tell you one thing; I'm really learning a lot in this whole process, one being that according to Eric I've been riding in the worst gear possible all this time.  I just figured 21, which was the highest gear would make it so I had to pedal less, which seemed like a no brainer.  Who wouldn't want less work.

     What Eric explained was, yes, you pedal less but the high gear makes it extremely hard, which is why I was struggling so much to make it up steep hills; who knew?!

     Before the interview, at 6:00 in the morning, I had taken a ride on my bike and then I ended at the studio. Of course Fred had to accuse me of looking more like someone from a European circus than a "biker".  I don't know what he was talking about: This is what I was wearing and I have to admit, I don't think a circus clown would be caught dead in this "Mary Poppins" get up:)

     I didn't know this was a fashion show, but if that's the case, then maybe we need to rename it "project runway to the bay":)  Just a thought...

Listen to our interview :)

Have a great day!!


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