Monday, June 16, 2014

More words of wisdom with Fred, Joe Sweeney and I.

           This week Fred not only interviewed me about my progress in training and fundraising but he also had a long time rider of 24 years, Joe Sweeney on his show.  

     Joe's story was typical of most long time riders, he had a relative with MS and heard about the ride and a million years later he continues to carry out this mission for the good of all those afflicted with this horrible disease.  He was one of 5 people to be riding in all 25 years of the Bike To The Bay.  He is a remarkable man!

      After 5 weeks of Fred following my progress you would think Fred has nothing left to ask me and my story would be covered, but somehow he still wants me back.

     I really think he has me there for two reasons: one, as he said he's training vicariously through me, which is a whole lot easier than getting on the bike himself, lol, and two: he needs material for his show And I appear to be a good target.

     I know it's all in fun and anything for the entertainment of others, I say.  After I was finished giving him my weekly update I made sure to remind the riders that they needed to pick up their riding packets that day.  How was I supposed to know Fred had already made that point three times earlier in the show??  It's not like I have nothing better to do than listen to him ramble on,lol.  When I essentially let him know this he jokingly said there are many farm fields on the ride and he would have to go whipping by me to make sure I go landing in one.

     Now the joke's on him because he has spent so much time riding vicariously through me that I'm pretty sure  I won't have to worry about him passing by me on the ride:)  I may eat my words but If I do end up in a corn field I can be grateful for one thing, and that is the old saying "knee high by the forth of July" and this is only June; at least I won't be lost forever!!

     Seriously though, Fred has a good heart and this is a man who genuinely cares, so I'll take anything he dishes out!

   Listen to our interview:)

* Don't forget to go to Bob Evans this Wednesday and mention Team leapfrog or Team sitting Bull and 15% will go to our teams!! 

Have a great day!!


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