Friday, June 6, 2014

It's a small world after all

     Way back, almost a year ago, when I got this crazy notion to ride, my dream was to build a team a mile long.  At that time, in my mind 25 was huge, and if you laid them down head to toe maybe they would add up to a mile!! I wasn't sure it was possible to find that many riders but I would surely try my hardest.

   I've long since passed that number and I've learned there are a lot more people that care about this cause than I gave credit.


     When I first started recruiting, my friends Kelly and Jim, from an MS meeting that we go to monthly, were among a couple of the first to join my team.

     As I started asking more people, I knew it wasn't going to be hard to see my team grow.  I was pleasantly surprised when my friends Bill and Lori said they would ride.  In fact Lori said her boss, the owner of Mike's Southwest Grill would probably sponsor our team shirts because he has a daughter with MS who is also riding.  I said "Hey, maybe she'll join our team!!" 

     When I saw Lori again I asked her if she had approached her bosses daughter; Lori told me his daughter was already riding on a team, but her boss still wanted to sponsor our team shirts.

     I was bound and determined to get her on my team, but every time I asked Lori she said his daughter wasn't changing because she was committed to the other team, and I could respect that because I would hope my friends were that committed to me:)

     A few months later when the shirts came in I took a couple in to my MS meeting to give to my team mates, Kelly and Jim.  Kelly's mom happened to come along with Kelly that day.  Her mom told me that she wanted to buy a shirt, which we happened to be selling to raise more money for our team.  I was thrilled that she wanted to purchase one and gave her the shirt. 

     A few minutes later she approached me and asked how I got a particular logo on the back of my shirt.  I told her they were my sponsors.  She said she knew her husband was sponsoring a team but had no idea it was this one. 

     So as it turns out, I was spending all of this time trying to recruit someone from another team and it was my team she was committed to all along.  

     This may not be Disney World, but it sure is a small world after all:)

Have a great weekend!!


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