Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Team CSX saves the day!

     You would think that with having a whole year to plan for this ride it would go off as smooth as silk, but as we were getting close to the day of the ride we soon discovered that the best laid plans don't always work out.

     From the very start Team Leapfrog wanted to cross the finish line in Port Clinton , so we had to somehow find a way to make it to the halfway point so we could ride thirty five miles in.

     We were on top of it and we soon had a truck to transport our bikes and a bus to transport us as well.

     Two days before the ride we discovered the truck was double booked and now we had no way of getting our bikes to our starting point.

     However, Rob Burkett from Team CSX saved the day when he very generously offered us the use of the CSX truck. 

 and then to add to his generosity, one of our riders had a broken axle on his bike and was offered the use of Rob's personal bike (seen here).  Twice in one day, before the ride even started we saw the kindness of another team.

     When we got to "our" starting point and got off the bus we were all going in different directions trying to prepare for take off.  All of a sudden two police officers started walking towards me and asked me to come with them.  At first it seemed a little odd; I knew I wasn't speeding, I rode the bus, and I knew I wasn't parked illegally because again my car wasn't there... I looked down at my nerve zapper on my leg and said "oh... is it because I'm on house arrest?"  They looked at the contraption on my leg and laughed and said that was it!  Then they said "we want to get a picture of your team in front of the CSX truck". Now it all made sense, because I clearly wasn't due back until Monday:)

     Look for more about our ride and pictures in the posts to follow:)

Have a great day!!



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