Friday, June 20, 2014

Tomorrow's the day! How exciting!!

     It's hard to believe Tomorrow is the day we've all been working up to!  The Bike To The Bay is finally here.  I can remember a year ago saying I'm going to try to ride in the bike to the bay and if I make it...  Well I don't say "if" I make it anymore because I won't allow "can't" into my vocabulary.

     How can I possibly think this ride isn't possible when a team of 43 optimistic riders believe we "can" do this.  Sure there have been a few snags in the system with registration and donations, transportation etc... but in the end I know we're all in this for the reason behind our team name "Team Leapfrog".  It's that leap of faith that made our team so strong.  

     We may not have all of the contacts built up like the other huge teams have, but for this being the first year and to do what we've done I know it's faith that got us here.

     Next year, when we all know what we're doing and we get even more people involved I know there will be no stopping us, and one day we'll be saying "remember when we used to ride to raise money for that disease...oh yea, MS:)".

     I'm so fortunate to know such a great group of people and here's to making it over that finish line!!  

Have a great Bike To The Bay!!




  1. Best of luck tomorrow Team Leap Frog!

  2. Happy thoughts and prayers to you and the team, Christine! You've worked so hard and have such an awesome attitude, you’re right; you can only believe a positive end, I have that same faith in you too!!

    I look forward to hearing all about the day at our July 8 group meeting!


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