Friday, June 13, 2014

The Queen Of Improvision

     Over the years I've learned that sometimes vanity has to take a back seat if you want to survive.  I've been told I don't always do things conventionally and I agree, I'm not exactly the picture of a professional biker; the word "crazy" may have even been thrown out there a few times; I mean, look at the goofy shorts:)

     I really don't mind being called crazy or unconventional and I do what ever it takes to make my life "happen".

     A "professional biker" would have those fancy, curvy handle bars that make them more arrow dynamic.  I have up right handlebars so my arms don't go completely numb, but hey it worked for Dorothy...and Toto too!

     Most "bikers" travel light so they can get to the finish line fast.  I have to have a saddlebag with My "nerve zapper" (my turbo leg!) for my toe, so when I get off my bike I don't trip, and a battery in case it goes dead and a cover for it in case it rains... I could go on and on...

     Then a real "biker" would have those cool shoes that clip into the pedals so they can become one with the bike.  I, however, need my strong leg free so I can put it down in a second's notice when I'm forced to stop.  Then of course I need the funky "practical  shoes".

     But if I don't look goofy enough I have one more improvise that makes my life easier...

     My strong leg has always done most of the work on a bike ride and my shin has to take up the slack by balancing on my pedal at a stop,  so it's in perfect position for take off,  therefore, smooth pedals are a must if I don't want mutilation of my leg.  But my poor weak leg, as much as it wants to be helpful, is constantly slipping off the smooth pedal.

      I really wished I could have spikes on my pedals so my right leg felt secure, but it wasn't possible.  Being the queen of improvision I came up with a solution not many "cool riders" would stoop to.  I simply have two different pedals; one smooth for my poor calve on my strong leg, and spikes for my week leg to hold on to.  I may be crazy, but I'm smarter than the average bear;)

Just so you don't start making some calls to have me committed I had to show you what they look like and you'll see they don't make me look like a "total" freakazoid, and even if they did, I guess I'll except my new title, because it isn't easy being "The Queen Of Improvision":)

smooth pedal

spiked pedal

Right?!? :)

Have a great weekend!!


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