Wednesday, June 4, 2014



     I did it!!! Who would have thought when I started this blog last fall that I would hit 10,000 page views!!  And I'm actually over that mile marker now.  So I either have quite a few people who believe in me or one person who is totally obsessed... either way, thank you for following and encouraging me through this journey; you are awesome. 

     When I first decided to ride (or was pushed into riding) in this year's "Bike To The Bay", I have to admit I was very scared by the thought of riding my bike 35 miles, but I knew if I didn't at least try I couldn't send the message that I desperately wanted to send, and that was that sometimes we need to step out side of our comfort zone and take that leap of faith.

     Well by now I've conquered almost every obstacle imaginable, from riding with the wrong tires and in the wrong gear, and eventually realizing gloves helped keep my hands from going numb (somewhat).  Then there was  the riding in extreme humidity or in tsunami like winds, going through downtown Toledo while dodging rocks, glass, traffic and those crazy geese in international park, next there was  the challenge of riding on impossibly hilly roads (all while in the highest gear possible,oops!)... oh yea... and wearing a goofy "so called" bike outfit and being subject to total ridicule.  

But I made it and I really believe I'm gonna cross that finish line in one piece!

     Now that I have total confidence in the ride it's self, I need desperately to work on my main goal, and that is to raise as much money for MS as we possibly can, and I haven't given up on the 50 riders yet; I'm in the forties now! With all of the people who have been there for me, whether it's in body or spirit, I truly believe that we will make a difference. 

      Looking back, I am so glad I was pushed into doing a ride that I thought wasn't possible.  I guess some times we all have to take that leap of faith.

(BTW... we have  about a million Leapfrog shirts for sale! give or take; talk about a leap of faith!)

Have a great day!!



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