Friday, March 13, 2015

Having faith isn't always enough; sometimes the message has to be delivered to your door.

     This world is full of great leaders, as well as many followers.  I really believe I could lead anyone!  The problem is, I usually need someone to point me in the right direction.

     A few years back I was somewhat forced to figure things out on my own, and I was clueless what direction I was going. There are a few things I'm okay at, but I would never call myself a writer.  A "talker" absolutely, a writer... not so much.  But if I saw my words on paper maybe it would help me make sense of them, hence my days of writing began.

     After taking that leap of faith writing soon become my passion, but what was I supposed to do with it??  I could always publish a book, and though I've had many names thrown my way, I couldn't just team up with some random person only to see my one chance fizzle, and never again have the opportunity to use my words for good.  This was where my blog came in.  There was no risk, so I could do what I love and no one could stop me.

     Last fall when I planned my trip to visit my cousin down south, he nor I would have ever guessed it would come at a time when we both needed answers.  And who would have ever guessed we could actually help each other find them.

     I mentioned to Keith that I knew all of the people and things in my life were there for a reason, but I just needed someone to tell me what to do with them.

     Keith asked me if I like to read because he had a couple of great books that really helped guide him.  I said I don't like to read paper back books anymore for two reasons...number one; it seems my arms have shrunk over the years and it's exhausting holding a book three feet away to read it.   Number two; I can't start a story without seeing how it ends, and I don't usually have time for a whole book. Now, articles on line... that's right up my alley.

     My brilliant cousin had a solution for me.  He E-mailed me a link for the first book.  It arrived in my "in box" on a Sunday afternoon and I figured I would read the first few pages to see if I could get the gist.  I couldn't stop reading, so five hours later I had completed the book and made sure to thank Keith for helping me find a way to spend my Sunday:)  The second book, unfortunately, couldn't be found electronically, so I guess I would have to wait for the movie... 

     I had forgotten all about the book thing, though Keith and I continued to E-mail back and forth, sharing helpful words of wisdom.

     One day I received a package sent by "snail mail", wrapped in orange plastic, covered with the words "thriftbooks".  I opened it and was surprised to find a paperback book titled "The greatest miracle in the world" inside...

     I couldn't figure out why someone was sending it to me.  There was no return address and I surely didn't order it.  A million possibilities went through my head.  The first being some random evangelist sending it to everyone on earth, hoping someone reads it.  The second being the fact it was marked "thriftbooks" (I later learned this was an actual on-line book store)  but I thought maybe some thrift shop was clearing out there inventory, took a general mailing list and said "okay, let's start with the Ks".  I didn't know but it seemed a little creepy, so I really just wanted to get rid of it.

     I threw it in a large plastic bin in my storage room  where I toss things that need to be broken down for the garbage.  I no sooner dropped it before I picked it back up.  Why did I have this?  Things have shown up at my door in the past and there's always a reason.  But then I dropped it again...

     On garbage day I broke all of the boxes down as usual and emptied them, but couldn't get myself to take that book out, so there it sat  all by it's self.  A couple days later Keith and I were emailing back and forth and he said "read any good books lately?? lol".  That was random, and I tried to figure out the segue, but couldn't.

     The next day he E-mailed me with concern.  He asked me if I got the book he sent me.  I told him I didn't see the attachment.  He said "no, a paperback..."  Oops!  I went over to the bin and pulled it out.  I could have just said "yes, thanks", but he got the whole rundown.  Hey, anything for a good story:)  I told him I guess this means now I'm going to have to read a paperback book again.  He E-mailed me back informing me not to worry, the next shipment would contain arm extenders:)

     Of course, I certainly had to read this book because there had to be a great message in it.  That's the way it always works, when someone goes through that much trouble there usually is.  I have a CD with all of my favorite songs on it and  I listen to it every single day when I workout and otherwise.  The songs themselves bring back fond memories of earlier times, but if I really listen I always find the messages within them.

     This book was no exception to the rule, along with giving me some answers to questions I've been puzzled by, this book taught me that I have the power to make my life what ever I want it to be, and if I point myself straight ahead I'm sure I'll eventually know just what that is:)

Have a great weekend!!


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