Friday, March 27, 2015

If April showers bring May flowers, what do snow showers bring??

     This sure has been an extremely long winter and I decided I was going to put an end to it once and for all.  I watch the weather forecast practically hourly, after all, how else was I supposed to respond when people randomly ask me when it's gonna warm up... I'm not actually a Meteorologist but I'm always happy to give them a free opinion. If we didn't have weather what else would we have to talk about...

     I anxiously awaited the day when the temperature would finally spike over 50 degrees, and that was when I planned to get my bike off  of my indoor trainer and back on the road. The tricky thing is, once it's off I'm done riding inside so I needed to commit.

     According to the extended weather forecast this weekend was going to be "D day"; after all, it's officially spring and mother nature surely wouldn't lie to me, WOULD SHE!?!?
     However, I woke up to a gushing down-pour of rain and though it wasn't optimal, I just remembered the old saying "April showers bring May flowers" (and maybe frogs...) and April was only days away so we were right on schedule.

     As I dodged the quarter sized raindrops just before dawn I kept reminding myself that at least it wasn't snow, and a little water certainly wasn't going to make me melt.  As soon as the sun comes out things would surely dry up and my bike and I could re visit those bike trails we put to rest last fall.

     But as the day progressed that crazy mother nature decided to play a trick on me because this is what we were looking at now...  SNOW?? Seriously!?!?!                 


     But two could play at this game!  I took my bike off my trainer in spite of the snow, and if this snow doesn't go away I'll show mother nature and ride this weekend anyway; that's what gloves are for.  Now the question becomes which bike trail will be lucky enough to get me:)

     It's true, we can't fool mother nature, even if she pulls a fast one on us, but whatever she dishes out I plan to take:)  After all, plans might change, but if you just add an "E" that "plan" becomes "plane", and with that extra set of wings the opportunities are endless.

Have a great weekend!!




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  1. I took some photos like that too!

    In response to Mother Nature not lying, well... Christine, it's that time of the century for her. She's been moody and cranky for the last couple of years! Of course she'd lie. She's dealing with mood swings. Fortunately it only lasts 4 or 5 years. ;).


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