Friday, March 20, 2015

If you're not early, you're late!


     You can call me a lot of things, but late isn't one of them.  My mom always said if I'm not there ten minutes early she's sending out a search party.

     I have girlfriends who tell me next time they're buying my coffee, but they can't beat me there, so how are they ever supposed to make good on their promise.
Call it a quirk if you want, but the fear of something happening, causing me to be late, forces me to always be early.

     A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my estate planner, Rich, to set up my wills, both living and the other side of the dirt.  I just wanted to make sure I had things covered when the day came where I could no longer talk (like that will ever happen,lol).  

     You had to know I was early for our meeting as usual, and after he finished explaining to me my options, we set up a meeting two weeks later to go over the documents and sign my life away (no pun intended...)

     The day of my next appointment, my daughter was on spring break and my schedule was all out of whack.  For the first time in a million years I missed my appointment.  Rich's secretary called and after I apologized profusely we set another appointment for later that day.

     When I arrived I was asked to be seated in a conference room to wait for Rich.  As he entered the room I told him I felt terrible that I missed my appointment, because I haven't missed one in forever.

     Rich gave me a smile, and the words that came out of his mouth were "I'm sure you haven't", but the look in his eyes said "right... and I'm the Easter bunny..."  

     If you didn't know me that would be an appropriate thought, but if you did, you would believe.  At any rate, he was very understanding and we proceeded to go over the documents.

     I had no idea how detailed these documents had to be.  One question on the form asked if I had any special requests when I was to the point of no return... I said "do you mean like I want to be tube fed chocolate??"  He smiled and said "If that's an option by then... sure!"

     There was a page with blank lines and he explained it was to write down any special requests based on religious beliefs, etc...  I said " I don't have any unique religious beliefs, and if you mean like worshiping a head of lettuce... that, I don't do".  He explained he could leave it blank in case I changed my mind later, or he could draw a large X through the lines right now.  I told him I didn't foresee "ever" worshiping a head of lettuce, so X away:)  

     We were getting down to the part where I had to give him my "John Hancock" and my last question to him was "Is this written in stone, or can I change my mind on who can talk for me when I no longer can?"  He told me I can change my mind at anytime; but I have to believe there would be a line a mile long to witness that day I can no longer speak:)

     As we were ending our meeting Rich handed me his newly published news letter to read, which he was very proud of.  I gave him one of my cards for my Leapfrog blog and said "I'm pretty proud of this too!  I just write a lot of random things, tongue and cheek or life stories... I can write about absolutely anything."  He smiled and said "I suppose you're going to tell me next you'll have a post about your visit with your estate planner..."  I told him "You just watch and see...".  

      Will there ever come a time when I don't care when I get there??  Who knows, it's still up for debate.   Until that time comes I'll continue to believe "If you're not're late".

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. In first grade... at a Catholic school... with a nun as a teacher....I used to sneak out of the building when the class went into the halls to get our coats. We were supposed to go back into the classroom to be excused but I didn't want to be late for the bus. (I finally got caught when I went back in because I forgot something and Sister Ann made me wipe up the water my boots got on the floor even though I was sure I'd miss the bus!) It taught me that there was enough time to follow the rules and catch my bus but I still choose being early over following the rules if it's one or the other! of course now it's the bus that makes me late and makes you wait for "my treat!" ;)

    But I was still out and waiting for that bus at home!!


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