Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nothing's ever black and white

     Life would be so much easier if everything was black and white, but that's not how life works. As you can see, without color there is something definitely missing.

     I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where my life is headed, and once I know then I can sit back at watch it all play out.  

    But if we knew already what to expect we would dodge all of the obstacles, and we wouldn't be able to experience all of the great lessons along the way, nor appreciate the wonderful people who help us complete the final puzzle. 


     There are days where I think if I could just see things through rose colored glasses I could ignore the rest of the hurdles.  But you'll notice,  even through rose colored glasses something is missing, and we need every element in order to create a picture that is true to life.

     I'm starting to understand that my colorful life is exactly what I need, and as pictures don't lie, if you leave every element in place the picture will be it's brightest, but sometimes it has to be brought to our attention that some of the color is missing and when we see the final picture we get it.

     It's true, nothing is ever black and white, but isn't everything better in color?!

Have a great day!!


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  1. I totally agree and I LOVE how you used the color in your pictures for the examples!! Every bump we stumble over and hurdle we jump (or steer around/plow over in my case) makes the pinks (or greens) brighter in our lives!


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