Monday, March 30, 2015

Three legs are better than one


     We know ups and downs are simply a part of life, and it's our job to hold each other up.  But lately I seem to see a lot more people feeling down than I ever remembered.  Maybe I'm just more in tuned than I used to be, and I'm finally seeing what was always around me.

     I'm sure you've heard me mention my favorite song is LEAN ON ME, because the words represent what life is all about.  It reminds me that no matter what, I am never alone. There is absolutely nothing better than helping to make someone's life a little easier.

     I've learned that helping others doesn't mean fixing them, rather holding them up so they don't fall, but human nature makes us want to fix them anyway.

     I had a friend who was feeling very down, and after trying to help make things better I was told it would only bring me down too.  But the thing is, if we lean on each other we become each other's crutch, so we both stay up.  We can all use a leg up at one time or another.

     Almost every summer picnic has the classic "three legged race".  The challenge to this race is that you have to totally count on the help of your partner to make it to the finish line.  The cool thing is, if one of you falls down you have someone else on the ground laughing right there with you, and your teammate and you both help each other back up.

     When I walk on the treadmill, as a rule, I turn the speed up higher than my crazy legs can actually go, and rely on the treadmill to pull me along faster than I would ever go on my own.  I have hand rails on either side, and I hold on to both of them for dear life so I don't fall on my face.  Sure, I might trip on my toes a few times, but after I put my heart back in my chest I grab on a little tighter and motor on.

     The other day I decided to try something different.  I set the speed much lower, then I let go of the rails and concentrated on every step I took.  Of course, this was a good challenge, and it forced me to do it with out any support.  As I made a conscious effort to lift my toe every step, knowing that one mess up would send me flying, I decided to switch it up again.  I turned the speed up a tad bit more and just held on to the left hand rail in case I tripped.

     Before long I realized that one hand rail was all I needed to feel safe.  I guess that's why the song is called LEAN ON ME and not CARRY ME, you can ask anyone under the sun... And if you think that you don't need help... three legs are ALWAYS better than one.

Have a great day!!



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  1. The hardest thing for me to accept when my leg strength started to go was needing help. I'm okay with help now with the gratitude it deserves and realizing that I am stronger now for realizing I need help and getting it than I was being, sometimes dangerously, independent. I still slowly push myself like you do with the no-hands,/one-hand on the treadmill. With me it the stand and reach. On good days I can get things off the bottom shelf in the cupboard or even heat something in the microwave. Today is a good day which is why my afternoon snack is sweet and salty popcorn instead of plain. :)


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