Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's not what you know, but who you know that matters.

     Anyone who is into sports knows March madness is huge.  I don't follow football, so I really don't care... I know! I know!! I'm not that ditsy!!! We're talking basket ball... but I don't follow that either, so the statement is totally correct.

     DMC Tech Group, where I work, was having a kick off party after hours for the start of the March madness games, and though I don't really care who wins or loses it was a party and food, so I planned on being there.  

     A couple of the guys were working diligently that afternoon to set up the big screen and projector in the glass enclosed conference room, which was totally within eyes view of the reception desk where I was sitting.  After what seemed like hours later, they finally had it up and running.

     Jeff, one of the guys setting up, said "It must be nice to sit there and watch the game all day".  It almost seemed like a total waste.  Someone who could really care less planted right in front a huge screen and able to catch every bit of the action, yet I didn't even care...

     But at five o'clock, when the work day was over I was right there with the rest of them acting like I had a clue... who am I kidding... I wasn't acting, I was clueless.  I personally would have made my picks based on the cutest uniform:)

     After some idle chit chat and a comment or two about who's winning, I started showing Susan Taylor, who wasn't there last year, some pictures of our team for the Bike To The Bay 2014, making sure to point out Steve, her boss, wearing the pink leapfrog shirt.  I asked her if she wanted to ride this year.  She really sounded interested, but her biggest concern was that her bike was making some weird noises, so she might have to get it fixed.

     A year or so ago I would have said "wow, sounds like it's time for a new bike".  But I know so much about my bike now that I was confident that I could help her figure out what was wrong.

     Susan was now anxious to ride with us and said she has a couple of neighbors who she could ask to ride as well.  She had to take the weekend to make sure it would work, but by Monday she was hooked!

     I guess the old saying still holds true... It's not what you know, but who you know, that matters:)

Have a great day!!


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